Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Future of Innovation - More money out of your pocket

It seems like every announcement that Amazon makes on the Mechanical Turk blog costs requesters money.

The newest dig into your pocket is for custom qualifications calling them premium qualifications.
This is a strange feature to implement when they claimed that survey requesters were only 2% of publishers when quadrupled survey prices in 2014.

Now they want more of your money. Currently the only premium qualification is for primary mobile device. They would like to charge $0.50 PER ASSIGNMENT to use this qualification.
Do not fall for this trap, just run your own qualifications. It will cost you 1/10th of the price to run your own qualifications and then you will have the list of workers FOREVER not just for one publishing.
Although it has not been announced yet, the future pricing could be $0.50 per premium qualifiaction.
Age = $0.50
Gender = $0.50
Education= $0.50
Employment = $0.50
Right away you are out $2 per survey without even paying participants a penny!

It is best to do it yourself.
Make a simple study and pay participants a small fee for their data. Then simply contact the participants that fit your demographic criteria when you need them.

The 40% Amazon fees are still higher than total fees using Mturk Data and us doing the hard work for you.
If you do need a custom qualification and do not know how to manage it, we can do that for you at significantly less than what Amazon is charging.


  1. I need a mtruk indian account, how to get it. pls guide me