Saturday, May 28, 2016

Due to an Amazon Mechanical Turk temporary system outage

Due to an Amazon Mechanical Turk temporary system outage that has now lasted well over two days, we are unable to publish any of the work that is getting backlogged over the long holiday weekend. We would love to be enjoying the holiday, but we are waiting as many of you are to get this work published and try to keep our customers happy.

Over the last week we have experienced numerous issues with the platform until its full failure on Thursday.

We apologize to those of you who rely on Mechanical Turk for income, but our hands are tied. We have plenty of work, just no way to publish it. We also lost a couple of our larger clients because they needed work quickly and we could not provide it.

Thanks for being great workers and participants and hopefully this will be restored sometime this month or maybe the beginning of June? Temporary apparently means days for Amazon.

And also thank you Mechanical Turk for "Bringing Future Innovation to Mechanical Turk"
at two to four times the price it was last year without a platform for us to work on.

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