Thursday, October 13, 2016

Amazon Now Allows International Requesters Again

Amazon has changed their policy and will now start allowing some countries outside of the US to use the platform again.

This is great news for people who were removed from the platform two years ago.

Why should you still continue to use Mturk Data for your academic HIT publishing?

1. 20% Amazon fee not 40% for more than 10 requests.
2. We have published over 250,000 studies and have the experience you need to make your study run smoothly.
3. We can contact participants for longitudinal studies invite them back for additional parts. This is usually at an 85% return rate depending on time between studies.
4. We can easily send bonus payments to hundreds or thousands participants
5. Our publishing fees are low and you will still spend less than the Amazon 40% on your studies total.
6. Our reject rate is 2% or less.
7. Our accounts all have excellent ratings by participants on Turkopticon.
8. For additional fees we can target specific demographics for far less than Amazon is charging and can add an additional layer of validity to your studies.
9. We usually have studies completed the same day payment is received, so our design and publishing service is quick.
10. We help you avoid all the problems associated with not knowing the Mechanical Turk platform inside and out.
11. We make it easy for you to get the participants you need!

If you would like for us to help you with your project, please contact us at

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