Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Amazon Accepted a Few International Masters

Amazon finally accepted a few international workers for their prized masters qualification yesterday. This is both good and bad. It is great that a few workers were given this qualification after completing hundreds of thousands of HITs, it is bad that along with those international workers, Amazon also accepted a bunch of worthless workers to water down this mystery qualification.

Here is some information on who just recieved the prized masters qualification along with some excellent international workers -

1) Turkers with 3,000 HITs completed got it. You can do that on day 11, and only because the first 10 days are restricted to 100 HITs per day.
2) Turkers with high 80 percent averages got it.
3) Today, people who don't even Turk anymore got it. Multiple people.

Requesters, save your money, do not spend that 30% fee on this useless qualification and set up your own custom qualifications for the standard 10% fee.

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